Top 5 Reason to Live in 12 South

Nashville is a fast growing city and popular relocation destination for people all across the country. There are many wonderful residential communities in the Nashville area, but none as popular as the 12 South area. 12 South is bordered on the north by Wedgewood Ave and runs south to Interstate 440 and has become just as popular with locals as it has with tourists to Nashville.

To understand why this area has become such a highly sought after residential community, we sat down with local real estate expert Carolyn Akins from the Carolyn Akins Real Estate. She shared with us the top 5 reasons why people would want to move into the 12 South community.

1.  Total Walkable Community

Once you pull into your driveway, you do not have to get back into your car for anything. Within walking distance, you can accomplish all your daily errands, shop, have dinner or pickup your dry cleaning. The sidewalk in front of your home is your new commute for all your daily activities.

2.  Close proximity to Gulch and Downtown

Within a mile and a half of your doorstep, the hip and savvy community of the Gulch await you. Just a few more block north is a revitalized and thriving downtown Nashville. Some of the top restaurants in the country have established locations in this area and there is always entertainment from NHL hockey to platinum recording artist performing almost every week of the year.

3.  Available Homes to Meet your Budget

Whether you want to buy a fixer-upper or a move in ready home, there is plenty to chose from in 12 South. Additionally, there is a wide range of pricing too. Homes start in the upper $300k and top out in the low $1M. We love showing homes in the 12 South community because each home is as unique as our potential buyers. 

4.  Great Neighborhood Park

In the backyard of the 12th Avenue South shopping district is an amazing park named Gale Lane Community Park What about Sevier Park which is right by Whites Mercantile.  I would like to mention that as well.  Created by EarthMatters Tennessee, this urban community garden has no equal in town.  There are dozens of rose bushes, a variety of vegetables, and an annual giant peace sign made of neighborhood leaf mulch in the fall. This is a great destination for families or to find a quite place to exercise. 

5.  Small Town Neighborhood Feel - a community of its own

Inside of most of us is the desire for the peaceful lifestyle that is captured in a Norman Rockwell painting. 12 South provides this feeling and much more. It's truly a community where you know your neighbors, walk the streets and capture that small town feeling.

If you'd like more information about 12 South or have any other questions about residential real estate you can contact Carolyn direct!

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