Top 5 Reason to Live in Brentwood, TN

Brentwood, TN is one of the most popular suburbs in the Nashville community for business and residential living. Located just 7 miles south of Nashville, Brentwood offers a unique lifestyle full of wonderful amenities.

We wanted to learn more about the popularity of Brentwood, so we sat down with local real estate professional Carolyn Akins to find out the top 5 reasons people would want to live in Brentwood. Here is her list...

1.  Parks - Brentwood is known for its rolling hills and gorgeous beauty!  Brentwood is distinguished and mature and not shy on the amount of amazing parks and nature centers!  Brentwood Parks include:  Concord, Crockett, Deerwood Arboretum & Nature Area, Granny White, Marcella Vivrette Smith, Maryland Way, Primm, Owl Creek, River & Tower Parks.  The list is long and plenty and not without perfection of trees, streams, creeks, rolling hills, green grass, playlets and much more!

2.  Restaurants - Brentwood’s restaurant scene has exploded in the last couple of years!  From coffee shops, ice cream, high end restaurants, mom and pop, gourmet to hip and new, everything you might want to eat is here and available to you….but make sure to make a reservation, these restaurants fill up fast!

3.  Shopping - Shopping has become more and more prevalent in Brentwood over the last couple of years as well.  From small vintage shops, gift shops, clothing and retail, Brentwood has everything you could need.  With new outdoor walking malls, strip malls and shops galore, everything you need is within grasp.

4.  Business - Brentwood is full of various office buildings with numerous businesses all across the board.  Maryland Farms office park boast an impressive business community with over 1 million square feet of office space within the park. Corporations from all over the country are relocating to the Brentwood area for the business advantages this area offers.

 5.  Schools/Community -  The catch phrase around town is, “I am moving to Brentwood for the schools.”  Well, Brentwood’s schools are ranked as some of the highest in the state.  Across the board people are flocking to Brentwood to get their children in the schools of zone.  Brentwood is what community stands for.  Groups of all different kinds of people ban together to constantly make Brentwood the best it can be!

If you'd like more information about living in Brentwood or have any other questions about residential real estate in Nashville, you can contact Carolyn direct!

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