Top 5 Reason to Live in Downtown Nashville

Nashville is a booming town and many people across the country have decided to relocate to our wonderful city. The Downtown area of Nashville has not only become a popular place for tourism, but also a highly sought after place to call home. 

To learn more about why downtown Nashville has so much appeal as a primary residence, we sat down with local real estate professional Carolyn Akins to find out the top 5 reasons people would want to live downtown. Here is her list...

1.  Red Hot City of the South - That is now what we are “coined” and downtown is the hub of all the excitement.  The excitement starts on lower Broadway and then extends throughout the city.  Living in the center of the excitement is one of the most exciting places to be with non-stop entertainment!

2.  Professional Hockey/Football/Sports - Nashville based fans are true supporters of the Predators and the Titans.  If you question that in the least bit, walk downtown during a hockey game or football game you will see the streets flooded with blue & white and yellow & blue!  Nashville fans are the best fans.  Attend either game and you will see what I mean!!

3.  Music - Even if you don’t like country music or you absolutely love it, Downtown Nashville is the place to be.  Walk down Broadway or any of the side streets and the sound of amazing music will fill the streets pouring out of the downtown bars and restaurants.  You will love the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Symphony Center, local bars and restaurants and honky tonks.  Nashville was built on music.  Come downtown and you will see why!

4.  Restaurants/Shops/Miscellaneous - Downtown restaurants and shops have really grown and are blowing up!  Come downtown and eat on Broadway, watch the people walk by!  Enjoy the new restaurants that open daily, the new shops and everything else Downtown Nashville has to offer.  Take a ride on the Nashville Trolley and see/hear the history of downtown, walk the pedestrian bridge, see the State Capital Building, Bicentennial Mall etc.

5.  Downtown Living at its Best- Whether the high rise condos are your thing or the small, quaint condos built into the landscape are your thing, Downtown has the living space for you!  Downtown has fabulous downtown high rises and small condos.  You can get a view or just the convenience of living downtown.  Each building has its own characteristics that make it special!!

If you'd like more information about living in downtown Nashville or have any other questions about residential real estate in Nashville, you can contact Carolyn direct!

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