Top 5 Reason to Live in Sylvan Park

Sylvan Park has been part of the Nashville community since it's inception in 1887 and is still a highly sought after residential community 130 years later. There are still many benefits to living in this historic community and we wanted to find out why.

So we sat down with local real estate professional Carolyn Akins to find out the top 5 reasons people would want to live in Sylvan Park. Here is her list...

1.  If you want 1920’s clapboard homes, 1930’s stone bungalows or maybe even a new construction home, look no further because Sylvan Park is the place for you!  The homes in Sylvan Park are boasting with character and that character and spark is noticed as you walk up and down the streets.  

 2.  Location, location, location is the phrase for Sylvan Park!  With its proximity to West End, Vanderbilt, Downtown, Charlotte Pike and Hillsboro Village, Sylvan Park is close to them all.  This great little gem is tucked right off the main road at West End/21st Avenue.  As you come off the main roads of hustle and bustle you will nestle right into this wonderful neighborhood.  You can be to most areas of town within minutes from Sylvan Park.

3.  The restaurant scene is really booming in Sylvan Park.  Most of the places you will find here are considered “Nashville Originals”, original only to Nashville.  You will find the character and spark of these restaurants while you dine from fine cuisine, to local fares, Sylvan Park has the eatery to fit any budget or appetite.

4.  The walk ability is fantastic in Sylvan Park.  Most days you will see people walking, riding bikes and visiting with neighbors.  This neighborhood welcomes the love of walk ability and community with its very own neighborhood association!  Days and nights can be spent walking to dine out, play a round of golf, get a cup of coffee or shop in the local produce market.  

5.  The historic value and significance of Sylvan Park is an attractive reason to purchase homes here as investments. The area has proven it can grow and thrive through the test of time and it's location will always be a huge value to this community.

If you'd like more information about living in Sylvan Park or have any other questions about residential real estate in Nashville, you can contact Carolyn direct!

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